Sketching, the basis of everything

Having natural graphic ability is not enough; you have to learn to express and structure your ideas, shapes and volumes and to highlight them.

Creative 3D Design, unboring the scultupre

4 weeks, 4 projects

During these 4 weeks you will be competing on 4 different projects. You will be able to express your creativity under the mentorship of the designers / 3D Stylists and experience working on projects where competition and teamwork come together.

An out of ordinary experience

Throughout these 4 weeks, you will benefit from the experience of our team of designers, who will accompany you for the whole day. We will also organize meetings outside the studio between designers and students (dinners and visit on the theme of design in Paris).

Nathalie Menel - Peugeot Design, Paris

«This is a great opportunity for Peugeot to gather new talents in car design, nurture them and ultimatively attach them to our brand.»

Nathalie Menel, Responsible for Designers at Peugeot, Paris

Learn the values of our brand

Peugeot's DNA has evolved over 200 years of its industrial history. It’s built on the past and is reinforced by its future vision. You cannot draw a Peugeot without understanding the codes of the brand. You cannot work effectively within the team without knowing its culture and values.

An Outstanding Setting

Immersed in the heart of the studio, you will benefit from all the technical and human expertise of a large design studio. The proximity to Paris will allow you to experience “création à la française”.

Pitch day

Every week, you will present to our managers your best work and talk about your experience. This will be an opportunity for you to express yourself in front of an audience that’s keen to listen and always open to new ideas.