1. What is paid by Peugeot?
- Accommodation near the Design Center
- A daily meal plan
- Workstations

2. What do I have to pay?
- Travel expenses
- Your personal expenditure

3. Where will I live, and how? We selected 3 appartements where you will live with 2-4 flat mates. Everybody has a separated bed, but you’ll have to share rooms, bathroom and kitchen. We want you to develop real team spirit while in internship at Peugeot. Men and women will be placed in different appartements.

4. Once I am selected, how do I get all the detailed information?
If you are selected to participate, we will send you a detailed summary with all important addresses (designstudio, appartement, tourist information, etc.), tips about Paris, our administration needs (internship contract). Nevertheless you should try to get the visa done by yourself. We will provide you with an email address and a telephone number in case you need assistance.

5. What if I don’t speak French?
This is not a problem, we are a very international team, and we are used to communicating in English.

Should I apply?

1. The only condition for applying is that you are currently studying applied arts. Industrial design, car design, graphic design, UX, architecture or anything else related. We don’t care if you are first, second or third year in school, but for equal work quality we’ll consider younger is better.

2. You can apply from all over the world.